Problem connecting to the IRELAND conference

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on December 5, 2011
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This post is simply to log the two glitches I seem to have when connecting the gateway to the Ireland conference. I’m going to ask the opinion of other IRELAND users. They’re not a grave problem, just a minor annoyance, and they occurs only when I try to connect the link to the Conference – it does not happen with any other connection. If I don’t find a solution then I can easily live with it and work round this.

The hardware and software involved are as listed here. Although I use a Belkin wireless router, the PC is connected by cable not wireless. Echoproducer loads perfectly. My settings include automatic connect (and re-connect on disconnect) to IRELAND with Admin password. When I connect the first thing that happens is that I get the following dialogue box in the centre of my screen:

Only by clicking ‘Switch To…’ can any progress be made, and only then if there is no traffic on the conference. Sometimes I find the same dialogue box on the screen after I have been out of the shack for a while, in which case I don’t know and couldn’t say if there had been a disconnect-reconnect while my back was turned. Any suggestions? If you genuinely think that the answer is “It must be your hardware/software/router” then please say so, but please also remember that it only happens with IRELAND, not with any other conference or connection, so Occam’s razor would suggest otherwise.

The next glitch is that occasionally the first connect with IRELAND is what I call a ‘blind connect’. The screen shows that the gateway is connected, but users are unable to hear or to talk to the conference. The screen shows no list of connected stations on the right hand side. I have been told that GM6MEN-L does appear on everyone else’s screen.

The problem repeats itself if I simply disconnect and re-connect. However, if I disconnect and spend some time connected to a different station (usually it’s GB3KD-R, but that’s by-the-way), the next connection to IRELAND will be okay.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas?


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