Hardware failure :(

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on February 12, 2019
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The sysop is sad to announce that the computer that drives the Perth Gateway MB7APT-L has developed a fault, in that it no longer recognises the presence of the operating system. This means that boot-up fails.

This means of course that the Gateway will not be available until the hardware failure is remedied, by repair or replacement. Unfortunately there is no timetable* for this, but please keep an eye on this web site for updates.

Thank you.


[*For our Danish readers, ‘fartplan’.]

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GM6MEN-L operating schedule for w/c 11th May 2014

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on May 12, 2014
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Planned schedule for the coming week is as follows:

Sunday 11th  – normal*.

Monday 12th  – normal.

Tuesday 13th – Sorry, operation cancelled; antennas disconnected due to electrical storms.

Wednesday 14th – evening operation 20:00 to 22:00 BST for Perth ARC.

Thursday 15th – Sorry, operation cancelled.

Friday 16th – late operation.

Saturday 17th – normal.


If you hear only CW idents or voice idents with a male voice you will know that basic Echolink sysop software is being used. This  is more likely. If you hear voice idents (female, American accent) you will know that Echoproducer software is being used.

* ‘normal’ means operation at least during the ‘core time’ of 1600z to 2000z. On Wednesdays, if the Perth ARC is meeting, operation continues to 2200z.

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Replacement PC wanted.

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on August 19, 2012
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A new PC is needed to carry the Echoproducer software. The present one (see here for current specs) is becoming too old for the job and has insufficient memory available. Please get in touch with the sysop if you can donate or provide a replacement. I’m looking for a newer 2nd hand model.