Whatever happened to ‘Tone Burst’?

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on November 26, 2011
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‘Back in the day’ I used to draw cartoons. For a while my ‘R F Byrne’ character was published in RadCom – it got off to a bad start when the then editor published the wrong one first, in which a fictitious ham wrote to complain to the editor about the appearance of cartoons. Two letters of complaint were published in the next RadCom because I had ‘obviously’ lampooned two separate ‘silent keys’. The editor didn’t check with me to see whether I had known either of these two gentlemen and simply published an apology. This was a ridiculous state of affairs, because the chap in my cartoon wasn’t either of the deceased hams and couldn’t have been both. The cartoon series carried on but struggled and was eventually dropped from RadCom.

Instantly I was picked up by Ham Radio Today and was employed for several years to produce a monthly strip. I decided to create a new character – Anthony Aloysius ‘Tone’ Burst – more mature than the smart-alec R F Byrne, more inches round the tum, more beard, less hair. That strip ran until HRT closed. Towards the end of its life HRT was taken on by the RSGB and I found myself working for them again. “You will appreciate the irony of the situation” wrote someone from Lambda House in a letter to me. I did. I chortled.

I have several R F Byrne cartoons at hand, and I think I will blog them here. After all, there is not going to be much in the way of news about the Link, let’s face it. However, I have only been able to find one piece of artwork that is anything to do with Tone Burst, and that is the rough sketch for a Tone Burst themed QSL card.

(c) GM6MEN

If anyone does happen to have any scans of ‘Tone Burst’ cartoons from HRT I would be very grateful to receive them.

Calling CQ via the Ireland Conference

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on November 23, 2011
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The GM6MEN-L blog site is now officially launched. There might not be much activity on here, but whenever there is any news I shall post it here. For now, all the basic information is on the page headed ‘Bringing Perth to the world…’.