GM6MEN-L operating schedule for the period from 2nd Sept 2012 to 18th Sept inclusive.

Posted in Amateur Radio by gm4uls on September 7, 2012
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First of all, may I apologise for the delay in putting up this schedule.

Planned schedule for the period is as follows:

Sunday 2nd – normal*

Monday 3rd – normal

Tuesday 4th – normal

Wednesday 5th – normal

Thursday 6th – normal

Friday 7th – possible late start

Saturday 8th – normal

Sunday 9th – normal

Monday 10th – possible disruption

Tuesday 11th – possible disruption

Wednesday 12th – normal

Thursday 13th – normal

Friday 14th – off

Saturday 15th – off

Sunda6 16th – off

If you hear voice idents (female, American accent) you will know that Echoproducer software is being used. If you hear only CW idents or voice idents with a male voice you will know that basic Echolink sysop software is being used.

* ‘normal’ means operation at least during the ‘core time’ of 1600z to 2000z. On Wednesdays, if the Perth ARC is meeting, operation continues to 2200z.

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